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Ergorest’s Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious sleeping surfaces in the bedding industry.

Pressure relieving Memory Foam responds to your body temperature and gently contours the shape of your body to ensure a restful nights sleep with less tossing and turning. The mattress also features two support layers to provide ultimate support and proper body alignment.

The sleeping surface and side panels is covered by a top quality quilted Bamboo fabric cover. This Luxurious Bamboo cover offers a host of benefits. Not only does it have a soft cashmere-like feel but the Bamboo fabric is also very strong and durable, naturally Hypo-allergenic, extremely breathable and moisture absorbent.

The Ergorest Curve is a pure foam mattress designed to support the natural curves of your body and help sustain better sleeping posture for happier nights and mornings!  SABS approved high-quality PURE foam  Zero motion transfer  Quilted bamboo fabric cover – cool, dura..
Ex Tax:R5,999.00
The Ergorest Flex combines the flexible support of individual pocket springs with the pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam to help you get that amazing night’s sleep you deserve.The memory foam comfort layer conforms to your body to relieve pressure pointsZero motion transferQuilted bamboo fab..
Ex Tax:R3,999.00
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