Terms & Conditions

All Ergo Rest products are covered by a 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. Should you not be completely satisfied with the product it can be returned for a refund.

The 30 day period shall be calculated from the date of delivery (date of delivery being the first day). Notice of a customer's intent to return the product/s should be done by no later than day 15. Notice should be given to Ergo Rest by emailing info@ergorest.co.za as well as to the dealer where the product was purchased in writing. It shall be the customer’s prerogative to ensure such notice was in fact received by Ergo Rest and/or the Dealer in question and that he/she receives the necessary confirmation of receipt from Ergo Rest and/or the dealer applicable. All late notifications will not be honoured.

Ergo Rest will determine where, when and how the product should be returned depending on the product purchased as well as the dealer it was purchased from. Customers may be required to either return to the dealer directly or to Ergo Rest's head office/warehouse. Transport charges to and from the customer for the product in question will be deducted from any refund and where credit card was used for the purchase Ergo Rest and/or the agent/deal may deduct the applicable bank charge also.

Ergo Rest will give instructions to the customer as to how the product should be packaged and returned and it shall be the customers responsibility to package the product properly in the event where a third party courier service will collect the product from the customer. Any product received in damaged condition may be rejected or applicable surcharges may apply.

This 30 day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee does not apply to custom made products.

Product Warranty and Guarantee

Mattresses: All Mattresses are covered by a 2 (Two) year Factory Guarantee, as well as a 10 year service warranty.  The 10 year warranty shall work on a pro-rata basis as per industry norm and will decrease by 1/10th per annum. The recommended retail and repair charges at the time of the warranty claim shall be used as the benchmark for warranty claims.

Overlays are covered by a 1 (one) year factory guarantee against all manufacturing defects. The recommended retail and repair charges at the time of the warranty claim shall be used as the benchmark for warranty claims.

Pillows, Support Products and Accessories are covered by a 1 Year Factory Guarantee.

Transport charges during the initial factory guarantee period shall be covered 50% by Ergo Rest and the balance by the customer. During the warranty period transport charges shall be for the account of the customer – however advantage can be taken of Ergo Rest's special negotiated transport rates.

Guarantee and Warranties shall cover factory faults only as well as any premature foam breakdown, excessive sagging, indentations or where the pressure relieving properties of the mattress has been compromised.

All Guarantees are for the original owner only and are not transferable. Customers will be required to provide proof of purchase with any warranty claim.

Foam indentations and body impressions is a normal occurrence in foam mattresses and due to normal foam wear. Indentations of less than 30mm shall be considered fair wear and not qualify for a warranty claim.

This guarantee shall not cover any liquid damage or where the mattress was improperly stored, repaired or altered by a third party, suffered malicious damage or where it was not placed on an adequate base or where foam has been deformed or damaged due to exposure to excessive heat (i.e. electric blankets). No mattress considered to be in an unsanitary condition and/or contains any stains, soils or burn marks will not qualify for any warranty claim.

This guarantee does not cover any changes in firmness or properties that does not affect the pressure relieving abilities. Firmness levels on foam do change over time and can also change due to external factors such as the weather climate.

This guarantee does not guarantee 'comfort' as comfort is a personal preference which varies from person to person and no independent test exists to measure mattress comfort. The 30 day money back guarantee should be used as a comfort guarantee.

Fabric Covers of Mattresses or other products are only valid during the guarantee period and no cover shall be covered by guarantee if it was stained, burnt or claims that can be attributed to fair wear and tear.

Ergo Rest products that are won in any competition, or purchased in an auction or purchased as a floor demo or a 'scratch and dent' sale shall not be covered by the standard warranty periods. These products will not be covered by any warranty except for such warranties explicitly stated with such competition/auction/sale and such warranty shall then be considered as a dealer warranty and not a manufacturer warranty hence a resulting claim should be taken up with the dealer and not the manufacturer. All custom manufactured products shall only be covered with a 6 (six) month warranty, unless otherwise agreed upon.